Michael Allen Gould-Vocals

Gould is the voice of Spyderbone and co-founder of the band with Jon Fixmer. There are varying accounts of Gould's youthful exploits but nothing can be proven. It is known that he ran off to the circus at the age of 16 with aspirations of joining the singing trapeze artists. Gould quickly rose through the ranks and was headed for stardom when one night he was kidnapped by a gang of wandering musical gypsies. One gypsy, Jon Fixmer, filled his head with visions of rocking and rolling. Soon the two wandering souls were playing all over Chicagoland to favorable crowds and receiving glorious reviews. Gould's singing has many different elements that combine old school influences such as Morrison, Plant and Daltrey, with the contemporary vocal styles of Staley, Cornell and Anselmo. Gould channels all these elements into an original sound of his own.

Jon Fixmer-Guitars

Jon Fixmer was born somewhere in the Netherlands and raised by traveling Gypsies. The beat of their unusual music possessed Jon and he started playing the drums. That all changed the day young Jon heard the lightning fast fingers of George Lynch playing on a friend's radio! The drums were out and the six string was in! Jon practiced hard and left the Gypsies behind - to tour America with a fast talking singing trapeze artist named Michael Allen Gould for whom he met at the circus!  Through his wild and worldly travels, Jon has jammed with hundreds of musicians and has been involved in several recording projects!  You can hear elements of George Lynch, Adrian Smith and Michael Wilton in Jon's playing, but through years of songwriting-Jon has crafted his own unique style. That style, coupled with a killer guitar tone, makes Jon a force to be reckoned with!

Vince Scianna-Bass

While traveling the globe looking for a bad-ass bass player that could start earth quakes-Michael Allen and Jon Fixmer were trapped in a high mountain pass in the Alps. Being in a hurry, as time was of the essence-the two musicians ducked into a nearby cave where they stumbled upon a man frozen in the ice holding a bass guitar! The two chiseled him out of the ice and revived him with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a bag of extra spicy pork rinds! They learned that his name was: Vince "Vinnie"Scianna and that he had been skiing and jamming with the members of Black Sabbath about 30 years ago when Geezer shoved him off a cliff and he rolled into a cave-unconcious and froze there! His love of heavy metal and bearded circus midgets naturally landed him the role as the new Spyderbone bass player! Vinnie is also the CEO of “Rectum Ready Rodents”